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WW2 German Militaria

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This website is intended for true collectors of memorabilia. It is not affiliated with any right wing groups past or present and has never had any neo-Nazi connections whatsoever. The owners of this website have full knowledge of the atrocities that took place during World War II, and do not condone any of these actions that took place. If you find German World War II memorabilia offensive then please do not enter this website further and click Exit button.


Dear customers and visitors of our website. We have been made aware that images of certain items from our collection have been copied and used without our knowledge or permission. The responsible parties have been attempting to mislead the public by displaying the images on their websites with the intent of selling the items they do not possess. We urge you to exhibit extreme caution when the asking price is drastically below the market value. Thank you for your attention. We hope this warning will deter the offenders from misrepresenting themselves and from selling product they only allegedly possess.

Best regards, Team