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Ref #: D-PH-ALB-1

With album included:

1)Promotion to SS-Oberschutzen, 20.2.42 typewritten issue.

2)Promotion to SS-Sturmmann 29.6.42 printed issue.

3)Iron Cross 2nd Class

4)"Ehrenkronik" Luxury photo-album presented to him 15.5.43 by the Mittendorf (Austria) War Victims Welfare organization (NSKOV). Contains 54 photos mainly regarding his active service with the SS in Poland and Russia, a.o. some of Jewish and ghettos in Poland some gruesome photos of murdered women ect.

Attached to the inside of the cover is a photo of his grave, confirming that he served with "Westland" when he was 25.9.44 and a devotional card regarding his death and the death of his brother Hans, who served with a police unit. Both ware NSDAP members.

He served 1942 and most likely also 1943 with SS-Inf.Reg.10 of the 1./SS-Inf.Brigade, notorious for the atrocities committed during their "anti-partisan" action in central Russia. Later he was transferred to SS-Pz.Gren.Ret.10 "Westland" of the 5.SS-Pz.Div."Viking", also operating in Russia 1944 Tscherkassy, Kowel and Aug-Dec 1944 in Poland Modlin Most interesting and rare. Researchable.
Condition: 9

Ref #: R-PH-ALB-2

He joined the Navy in 1936 and served with the 1.S.Flott. till he was transferred to the 3.S.Flott. in 1939 (?). This unit operated till May 41 in the west (Netherlands, Belgium, France) and was then transferred to the Baltic, where boats of the 3.Flott. destroyed two Russian freighters on 23-6-41, a Russian Submarine on 25-6-41 and two Russian Destroyers on 27-6-41. Nov.41 the 3.S.Flott. was transferred to the Mediterranean (via the rivers Rhine and Rhone!) where the unit stayed till the end of the war. Schmidt served 1943 aboard the "S-36" as 2nd in command under Lt. 1st Cl. Horst Weber. He also apparently served aboard the "S-33" considering the extract regarding the actions of that boat with the group. The "S-33" claimed the destruction of an allied Destroyer on 20-7-43 off Sicily (not confirmed by allied sources).

After the loss of North Africa (a total of 131 combat days for the "S-33"), the 3.S-Flott. was active around Malta and Sicily and later in the northern part of the Mediterranean such as southern France (Marseille, Toulon), the Adriatic Sea and the Thyrrenean Sea, also some action against partisans in Istria.

Hermann Schmidt, Senior NCO. Navy. Motortorpedoboats.

1) Medal of the 1st Oct. 1938, 1-9-39. Signed by the CO. of the 1.S.Flott., Lt.Comm.Kurt Sturm.

2) Iron Cross 2nd Cl., 2-7-41. Signed by the CO. of the Fleet, Admiral Otto Schniewind (Kn.Cr.:20-4-40).

3) E-Boat Badge, 4-10-41. Luxury 1st type issue decorated with gold-coloured oakleaves and a drawing of the 1st type badge with gold-coloured rim. RARE!.

4) Iron Cross 1st Cl., 16-2-43. Signed by the German Naval CO. in Italy, Vice-Admiral Eberhard Weichold.

5) Cufftitle "Afrika", 12-10-43. VERY RARE Navy issue. Signed by the CO> of the German Navy Command in Italy, Commodore Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohlken (Kn.Cr.: 15-5-44).

6) Motortorpedoboat "S-33 records extract, typewritten and not dated, confirming the ops. In Mediterranean from Dec.41-Aug.43 and the scoringslist of the "S-33" (2 merchant ships, 1 Submarine and 3 Destroyers!).

7) "Deutscher Marinebund" (post WW-2 Navy Vets.Org.) Honour Badge for 25 yrs. Of membership.Two different issues, one dated Dec. 1959.

8) Superb large (+30 X 43 cm) photo-album with suede leather cover with brass decorations with engravings of crossed anchors, an Iron Cross, "1936-45" and "H.Schmidt" The album contains + 390 photos!: A.o. many photos regarding the actions of the 3.S.Flott. in the west (Netherlands, Belgium, northern France), Baltic and the Mediterranean. Photos of VIPs like Hitler, Admiral Raeder and high decorated E-Boat service officers such as Lt. 1st Cl. Siegfried Wuppermann (Kn.Cr.: 3-8-41; Oakl.: 14-4-43) and Lt.Comm. Friedrich Kemnade (Kn.Cr.: 23-7-42; Oakl.: 27-5-43). Many photos with handwritten explanatory text and comments. Incl. newspaper cuttings regarding E-Boat actions, etc. Very well researchable photo-album of considerable historical value!.

9) + 50 other photos, the majority of which regarding ships of the post WW-2 West-German Navy and some original WW-2 ones.

Condition: 8

Ref #: R-PH-ALB-3

This album was given as a gift by the commander of the 6th Company of Wachregiment Berlin to all Company members. It Includes stock photo's with dedications from Hilter, Goring, Reader and von Brauchitsch, with a further 75 pics of the Wachregiment on guard duty, parade etc. In 1934 the Kommando der Wachtruppe, a ceremonial and guard unit stationed in the capital that was made up of companies from divisions around Germany, was redesignated Wachtruppe Berlin. The unit was expanded in 1936 with an additional company and a staff company. In June 1937 the unit was ordered to expand to Wach-Regiment Berlin.

In October 1938 a few officers and NCOs were sent to Vienna to act as a cadre in the forming Wachbataillon Wien. In June 1939 it was reformed into the Infanterie-Regiment (mot) Gro▀deutschland but elements of it were used to form Wach-Kompanie Berlin.
Condition: 9

Ref #: R-PH-ALB-4

These 2 photo albums chronicle the life of a soldier from his pre-war service in the RAD right to the end, having seen service in many theatres of war.
Many notations and descriptions make for a fascinating read!
116 pictures in volum # 1
95 pics in volume # 2
Condition: 8

Ref #: R-PH-ALB-5

Third Reich "Wehrmachts-Photoalbum" of a Luftwaffe Medical NCO.
This very nice album contains 146 excellent photos depicting soldiering life, medical services and treatment, vehicles, and combat, mainly on the Russian Front.
Also included is the original owner's Red Cross Ausweis.
Most of the photos have descriptive comments hand written in Sutterlin script in white pencil, and there are also many typed descriptions on separate slips of paper.
Condition: 8