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Ref #: R-MS-1
This is a very rare Prussian Landpolizei 4' X 4' Battalion standard, complete with streamers and pole top. Only perhaps 50 of these were originally bestowed on Prussia's State Police units in the early days of the Third Reich; in fact, the design of the flag is very closely modelled on the regimental standards of the old Imperial Prussian army.
Possibly 5-7 of these flags survive in the market place today. At the time when this flag was consecrated, Hermann Goring was the head of the Prussian police, and when the Hermann Goring Regiment of the Luftwaffe was established, the Landpolizei Battalion standard was used as the basis for the Regimental standard.
The 2nd and 3rd battalions of the HG Regiment trooped flags identical to this one but the 1st Battalion standard has a small "Southern Cross" on a shield embroidered below the central eagle.

The streamers are black and tarnished silver and are possible made from two that have been sewn together, as there is a seam joining the ribbon in the middle. The literature describes the regulation streamers as being green and silver, and these streamers may in fact be a hold-over from an earlier (Weimar or Imperial) standard- they are in the Prussian state colours.
The pole top is a hollow cast variety, and is correct for this flag- it is a rarity in and of itself.

Condition-wise, there is some very minor fading/discoloration, and some staining and fraying to portions of the while silk arms of the cross, although no material is missing (see pics).
This is a gorgeous and rare flag of the most amazing quality!

There is another specimen of this flag currently for sale, without streamers or pole top, for 55K.
Condition: 7
$ 29,500

Ref #: D-MS-2
Very Rare Gorget for Feldgendarmerie der Luftwaffe. During the early part of the war, there was no need for the Luftwaffe to maintain its own force of Military Police, its field units being very limited in size.
With the creation of a considerable number of Luftwaffe Field Divisions and of course the massive Fallschirmpanzerkorps Hermann Göring, the Luftwaffe decided that its units should field their own military police. The organisation, structure and size of the Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie units followed the army model.
Initially, the Feldgendarmerie of the Luftwaffe was considered as part of the Divisional Supply and Support elements and wore the light blue Waffenfarbe associated with these troops. In June 1943 however, the orange-red Waffenfarbe as used by the army was adopted by the Luftwaffe also.
When worn, the cuffband used by Luftwaffe Feldgendarmen was the machine woven army pattern. The Feldgendarmerie sleeve eagle seems rarely to have been used within the Luftwaffe, and it is assumed that when worn, it was the standard army version on field-grey and not a special Luftwaffe version on field-blue.
The Luftwaffe however, did have its own version of the Feldgendarmerie Gorget in which the regular national emblem was replaced by the Luftwaffe version of the national emblem. Although the Army Gorget was certainly widely worn within the Luftwaffe, there is plenty of evidence to show their own special version also being used.
This specimen was made by Assmann of Ludenscheid and conforms to the Heer pattern save for the unique Luftwaffe eagle in the centre. The eagle is slightly larger than a cap eagle, and slightly smaller than the metal breast eagle. All luminous elements still glow brightly in the dark. The original chain and cloth backing are present. This gorget’s details conform to the other few original specimens in existence, and it is unmessed-with and original in every respect.
Condition: 8
$ 5,000

Ref #: D-MS-3
SS Streifendienst Gorget.Reverse center clip is marked with RZM, 140 and SS runes.
Obverse shows gilded STREIFENDIENST banner, gilded chain attachment devices and black enamel painted silver SS runes.
Includes original plated brass chain and black cloth backing.
The SS Streifendienst was instituted in 1935 to act as in internal patrol force of the SS, ensuring compliance with regulations, checking credentials at functions, securing locations etc.
Condition: 8

Ref #: C-MS-4
A GENUINE SS Cigarette Lighter
All of us have seen many, many old lighters that purport to be "SS" lighters because of the addition of skulls, runes, or other devices applied or engraved.
The concept has become a joke among collectors.
But here we have a genuine, period desk/table lighter that certainly fits the bill!
Like many of the original Third Reich era desk eagles, sculptures, plaques etc, this one is made of an alloy with a heavy silver plate that has been subsequently lacquered.
The finish is quite rich and distinctive.
The underside of the lighter’s base is marked "Ges. Gesch.", the German patent marking.
Now, we have no way of knowing if this piece actually adorned the desk of an SS officer - it could easily have appealed to a Panzer officer for instance - but the skull itself does have an extremely "SS" look to it!
This is an extremely rare item to find, and we have never seen another.
Condition: 8
$ 1,800

Ref #: D-MS-5
Karl Kaufmann (October 10, 1900 – December 4, 1969 ) was a Nazi Gauleiter in Hambur and government of Hamburg from 1933 until 1945.
A founding member of the NSDAP in 1921.
He was also member of the German Reichstag. After Hitler gained power on 16 May 1933, Kaufmann was appointed Reichsstatthalter (Regional Governor) of Hamburg with absolute power over some 1.8 million people. One of his first acts was to turn over control of the city's Fuhlsbüttel Prison to the SA and SS, where it quickly became the nucleus of the notorious Kola-Fu concentration camp.
In September 1941, after Allieds bombing of Hamburg had rendered many people homeless, Kaufmann petitioned Hitler to allow him to deport local Jews so that he could confiscate their property to rehouse bombed-out citizens. Hitler quickly responded, allowing Kaufmann the dubious distinction of being the first Nazi leader to deport German Jews, in this instance to the Lódz Ghetto in Poland.
Arrested shortly after the occupation of Hamburg by British forces in 1945, in 1946 Kaufmann was witness at the Nuremberg Trials he was subsequently tried for war crimes and sentenced to a term of imprisonment, but released soon after on the grounds of ill health after an accident. He was to be arrested twice more before being finally released in 1953.
Kaufmann died on 4 December 1969 in Hamburg.


Rare 800 Silver Presentation Goblet for NSDAP Gauleiter Lider Karl Kaufman.
On the front bottom part beautiful hand engrave National eagle NSDAP Gauleitung Hamburg
Bottom part Name Karl Kaufmann Gauleiter 10 October 1939 “Mit Herzlichsten Gluckwunschen Zum Geburstag” ( with the best wishes on birthday)
Size: 7 1/4" tall , top rim 3 3/8" dia.
Goblet in excellent condition, no dents or scratches.
Marked: 800 silver
Condition: 8.5-9
$ 2,500
Ref #: D-MS-6
Wehrmacht Soldier in Combat
This is nothing short of magnificent.
It is a hollow, white metal, silver plated.
He is depicted in the act of throwing a potato-masher grenade.
This is a large sculpture measuring 10" high.
The distance from the hand holding the grenade to the bottom of marble base.
Marble base measuring 7 7/8" X 4"

Statue in white metal with a silver-plated.
Artistic detail of the helmet, uniform, boots, full field pack with belt, ammo pouches, potato-masher grenades , gas mask canister, water canteen, shovel, bread bag, and Mauser. A very beautiful and rare addition to any WWII German collection.
Condition: 8
$ 2,200
Ref #: D-MS-7
Beautiful heavy bone/ivory porcelain commemorative beer stein for Jager Luithardt.
The front of the stein showing nice colorful artwork Wehrmacht troops at training with heavy machinegun scenes.
Top inscription: 12.(M.G.)./Jnf.Ret. Tubingen. (12 Machinegun Infantry regiment located at Tubingen city)
Bottom inscription: ZUR ERINNERUNG an meine DIENSTZEIT 1934/35 (In memory of my service period 1934/35)
The nickel/silver plated lid showing artwork image of Generalfeldmarschall HINDENBURG with bird on the top.
Size: 5 1/2" tall with a base 3 3/4" dia.
No chips no cracks or other damage.
A great looking stein in excellent overall condition.
Condition: 9
$ 600
Heavy bone/ivory porcelain commemorative beer stein for Matth. Michl.
The front of the stein showing nice colorful artwork of Jngolstadt city and pionier equipment.
Bottom inscription: ERINNERUNG an meine DIENSTZEIT 1934/35 (Memory of my service period 1934/35)
10/20 mark is inscribed to the upper right side of the stein itself.
The nickel/silver plated lid showing artwork image of the helmet with National eagle decal and engrave description 3./Pi.A.Pi. Matth. Michl
Lid is marked: G.Wieninger Sen.Munchen 50
Stain size: 5 3/4" tall with a base 3 3/4" dia.
Bottom marked: "M"
No chips no cracks or other damage.
A great looking stein in excellent overall condition!
Condition: 9
$ 500
Heavy light gray porcelain commemorative beer stein for Kanonier Reichard Franz.
The front of the stein showing nice colorful artwork of light spot with crew.
On the side’s inscription: Erinnerung meine an Dienstzeit (Memory of my service) date Mai 5.August 1939 4 Batterie L.Flak-Abt.75 and owner name Kanonier Reichat Franz.
The nickel/silver plated lid showing Luftwaffer eagle with oak leaf wreath.
"0.5 L." (0.5 Liter) mark is inscribed to the upper right side of the stein itself.
Size: 5 1/2" tall with a base 3 3/4" dia.
Bottom marked: "17"
No chips no cracks or other damage.
A great looking stein in excellent overall condition.
Condition: 9
$ 650
Beautiful heavy glass commemorative beer stein for 7 Flying Division 3 Paratrooper Regiment.
Clear glass stein.
The nickel/silver pewter plated lid showing hand engrave artwork paratroper eagle and description 7.FLIEGER-DIVISION FALLSCHIRM JAGER RGT.3.
Size: 6 1/2" tall with a base 4 1/4" dia.
No chips no cracks on glass.
A great looking stein in excellent overall condition.
Condition: 8
$ 750
Ref #: D-MS-8
LARGE Wehrmacht Soldier on the Marble Base
Solder hollow molded
95% of bronze wash
Beautiful details
Metal plate on the front: KRIEGSWEIHNACHT 1941 FZ.WERST
Size: Total high 11.5"
Marble base size: 5" X 5" X 3" high (two piecec)
Condition: 9
$ 1,400
Ref #: D-MS-9
Statue of Wehrmacht Soldier on the Marble Base
Solder hollow inside
95% bronze wash. Beautiful details
One chip corner on the marble base but not disturb much
Looks like solders head is repair
Metal plate on the front:
Errung v.d 3.Komp.am 20.Sept.1929
Errung v.d 1.Komp.am 21.Sept.1930
Errung v.d 1.Komp.am 27.Sept.1931
Am 2:Okt.1932 zum III:Male somitendgultig fur die I: Komp errungen
Artist signature on the back: Hans Leuner
Size: Total high 14.5"
Marble Base Size: 4 3/4" X 4 3/4" X 4" high (two pieces)
Condition: 7
$ 1,650
Ref #: D-MS-10
Statue of Wehrmacht Soldier on the Marble Base
Solder hollow inside
90% bronze wash
Beautiful details
Metal plate on the front:
Preisschiessen der 16.(E) J.K. 36 6.7.37
Size: Total high 13"
Marble Base Size: 5" X 3 1/2" X 1" high
Condition: 7
$ 1,650