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Ref #: R-MFBP-1
This is a very rare Prussian Landpolizei 4' X 4' Battalion standard, complete with streamers and pole top. Only perhaps 50 of these were originally bestowed on Prussia's State Police units in the early days of the Third Reich; in fact, the design of the flag is very closely modelled on the regimental standards of the old Imperial Prussian army.
Possibly 5-7 of these flags survive in the market place today. At the time when this flag was consecrated, Hermann Goring was the head of the Prussian police, and when the Hermann Goring Regiment of the Luftwaffe was established, the Landpolizei Battalion standard was used as the basis for the Regimental standard.
The 2nd and 3rd battalions of the HG Regiment trooped flags identical to this one but the 1st Battalion standard has a small "Southern Cross" on a shield embroidered below the central eagle.

The streamers are black and tarnished silver and are possible made from two that have been sewn together, as there is a seam joining the ribbon in the middle. The literature describes the regulation streamers as being green and silver, and these streamers may in fact be a hold-over from an earlier (Weimar or Imperial) standard- they are in the Prussian state colours.
The pole top is a hollow cast variety, and is correct for this flag- it is a rarity in and of itself.

This is a gorgeous and rare flag of the most amazing quality!
There is another specimen of this flag currently for sale, without streamers or pole top, for 55K.
Condition: 7

Ref #: C-MFBP-2

Historical background:
During the Third Reich the Nazi Party (NSDAP) had numerious organizational flags.HJ unit flags existed in company, battalion, and regiment level. "The highest level of [the] HJ organisational flag" being the Bann eagle pattern. "Each Bann had only one of these flags and it normally resided in the Bann Headquarters." HJ membership could begin at age 14, by assignment to a Gefolgschaft (company), the smallest unit of about one hundred kids - there were thousands of Gefolgschafts with corner patch flags. Each HJ Bann had several Gefolgschaft within it, with the number of Gefolgschaft within a Bann seemly depend on location. For example Bann number 28 (Koblenz and Mittelrhein) had 19 Gefolgschaft numbers. Confusion exists as some Banns were later renumbered, and only the lower number Banns were associated with the traditions of the old Kaiser era regiments . In 1936 there were 368 Banns, in 1937 480 Banns, and 945 by 1945. Many HJ unit flags were presented at the Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg by Baldur von Schirach. The first 200 or 300 maybe, perhaps more, corresponded to the old Regiments of the Kaiser era, for example Bann 1 was Konigsberg in East Prussia. After they ran out of regimental numbers, they had no further system of assigning the Bann numbers.

This is a very, very rare parade standard for Hitler Youth Bann 238 Kleve-Geldern/ Ruhr-Niederrhein/ West. Very few (less than 10) are known to have survived. This flag has three equal height horizontal stripes (red, white, red), and is made of cotton bunting material. In the center is an embroidered outstretched-winged eagle (in black) holding a sword (left in white) and hammer (right in black). Above the eagle is a three part scroll (in white) with the numbers 238 (in black) on the center pannel. The flag has the unique embrodered feather zig-zag lines as seen on all authentic Bann flags. HJ Bann flags contain enhanced embroidery detail eagles on two sides, with a specific unit designation scroll above the eagle. The Sword is symbolic of Nationalism, and the Hammer of Socialism. The hammer and sword was used extensively by the Hitler Youth to symbolize their commitment to National Socialism. There are a number of small period repairs, but the flag is still very strong and bright with its original pole rings intact. Size: 67" long 50" high
Condition: 7-8
Ref #: D-MFBP-3
This is a super nice SS Camp Flag.
This flag was made and probably Flown in Holland and bears a woven makers label from the Haag.
Double side printed SS Runes.
Measures 1m X 1.70m (39 1/2" X 69")
Some small moth holes but not disturb much.
Very hard to find original SS flag this time.
Condition: 8

Ref #: C-MFBP-4
Lovely Multi-piece Third Reich Podium Banner.
This red cloth banner has the typical applied "ribbon" border and bottom fringe, but rather than the swastika as its central emblem, it sports a separately applied multi-piece white cloth eagle highlighted in black stitching.
Very visually appealing, and not easy to find in this construction!
Size: 40" X 46"
Condition: 8

Ref #: C-MFBP-5
Impressive Podium Banner in a rare pattern! This large, multi-piece podium banner is well marked to the Heber manufacturing company in Markneukirchen.
The background is red fabric, while the eagle is a separately applied piece of silver-grey felt with details in black stitching.
This pattern of eagle with its unique stylization of the wings is very similar to the eagle of the Feldherrnhalle as well as the NSKK.
Nice bright colors.
Excellent size for wall display.
Centimeters 135Cm X 127Cm with twisted fringe.
Inches 53" X 50" with twisted fringe.
Condition: 8

Ref #: R-MFBP-6
This flag, which is complete with its hanging dowels and attachment ropes, would have been hung on any vehicle, tent, structure etc. which was acting as a military radio transmission station.
These were not a common souvenir and are quite scarce to find today.
Size 17 1/2" X 17 1/2"
Condition: 8
Ref #: D-MFBP-7
NSDAP State Service Flag
Cotton fabric Dutch made, with none of the usual moth holes commonly found, nice vibrant colours
Measures 75 cm x 1.40 cm
Condition: 8
Ref #: D-MFBP-9
Very large, 1935 pattern, printed, two pieces, cotton construction flag.
Red base field with a white and black static swastika to the center.
NSDAP political style national eagle on left top corner.
The hoist edge is trimmed in white tunnel looped for the suspension rope.
Complete with original rope.
The bunting is well marked with black inkstamps that include the manufacturer’s name, location and size:
MELMOND (HOLLAND) and other side Di.FL.200X335
Has some minor moth damage on it, mostly on the edges of the flag but still nice and bright in colors flag.
Left bottom corner with 4’ period repair well done.
Nice clean example.
Condition: 7

Ref #: D-MFBP-10
NSRL/DRL unit flag for the Sport Association of Rhaunen-Hunsruck, Gau XI, Mittelrhein.
DRL, "Deutschen Reichsbundes für Leibesübungen" (German State-league for Physical-training), incorporated the NSRL, "National Sozialistische Reichsbund für Leibesübungen" (National Socialist State-league for Physical-training), into it in 1938.
Printed cotton flag with red field and printed a black NSRL eagle with a white swastika superimposed upon its breast.
Upper left corner of one side has the original unit patch chain stitched in silver on a black silk base.
The flag has a few very small holes, but not too bad.
Flag size: 56" x 50"
Condition: 7 - 8
Ref #: D-MFBP-11
STATE SERVICE FLAG. (Reichsdienstflagge)
Very large, 1935 pattern, printed, two pieces, wool construction flag.
Red base field with a white and black static swastika to the center.
NSDAP political style national eagle on left top corner.
Market with white cotton label with red letters included manufacture’s name and location Fahnen – Reinecke HANNOVER
Complete with original bunting rope and attachment clips.
Size is approximately 8’ x 13’ in inches 96" X 156"
Has some minor moth damage on it, mostly on the edges of the flag but still nice and bright in colors flag.
Nice clean example.
Condition: 7

Ref #: D-MFBP-12
RARE hard to find State Service Flag in multi piece construction. Mostly what you can see are printed flags.
Now this neat flag is a excellent example of German thrift-it started out life as a standard swastika banner (you can see where previous disk was) and has been beautifully made into a multi piece State Service Flag utilizing many scraps and pieces.
Few paint marks on left side of flag. Right side is clean.
Size: 48" X 80"
Perfect item for flag collectors.
Condition: 7-8
Ref #: D-MFBP-13
Large NSDAP Flag
A multi-piece construction cotton double side flag
Top (with rings) and bottom ends are folded back and stitched upon themselves.
Right and left side cut off
Size 73" X 58"
7 nickel - silver plated alloy rings
3 rings missing
No holes or repairs
Condition: 7

Ref #: C-MFBP-14
This is a scarce organizational flag for one of Germany’s several WWI veteran’s associations- the RKB.
It is complete with its mounting rings, and in excellent condition with bright colours.
This organization’s emblem is certainly one of the most appealing of the Third Reich, and this flag would look super as a backdrop for your collection!
Size: 47" X 57"

Condition: 9

Ref #: C-MFBP-15
Large, both side, multi-piece, printed, wool bunting construction flag.
This yellow or "gold" accented flag is also known as the Musterbetriebsfahne - the exemplary company (factory) flag.
These were factories whose production level greatly exceeded expectations, and were certainly a company point of pride!
They are found in various sizes depending on their usage, and this one is fairly large at 109" X 93"
Condition: 8