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Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-1
RARE M38 Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet
with Chicken Wire 85% original green paint
Luftwaffe Eagle Decal has been removed
The liner is well marked with black inkstamped sizing:
Saumuster : Heisler,Berlin C2 Herslaiter : F.W. Muller jr.
and Kopfwelte: Gr. 61 Stahlhelm-Gr. 71
Stamped size ET 71
Stamped serial number 5058
Condition: 7
Ref #: R-HAD-HEL-2
Chinstrap is missing, and the tabs have torn from the leather lining.
Exterior displays nicely.
Condition: 7

Ref #: C-HAD-HEL-3
Single Decal M-42 SS Combat Helmet.
This is an excellent example of this type of helmet.
Retains 95% of its rough dark green finish, and a pleasing toned decal, 98%.
Lining, chinstrap, and even the draw string are all original to this helmet, and in used but excellent condition.
Shell is marked in the rear of the skirt "ckl 66"indicating manufacture by Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, size 66. and a serial number "2900".
It would by difficult to find a more appealing, classic example!
Condition: 8

Ref #: C-HAD-HEL-4
M38 SINGLE DECAL PARATROOPER'S HELMET. (Fallschirmjäger Stahlhelm M38)
This helmet retains about 95% of its slightly rough textured dark field-grey paint.
The left side of the helmet has a second pattern, black detailed, off-white Luftwaffe eagle decal which is about 80% intact.
All four of the early type liner retention bolts are intact.
Liner centre portion, as well as the chinstrap assembly, have been cut away, leaving only the outer band of the lining and one grommeted section of chin strap.
Shell is marked "ET 68" in the (wearer’s) left side of the skirt, and "240" in the back.
Overall a nice salty combat veteran!
Condition: 6.5-7

Ref #: C-HAD-HEL-5
Double decal Police helmet.
Smooth medium green pain over apple green.
Decals remain at 95%.
Buckle portion of chin strap is missing, and one tongue of the liner is torn but present.
shell marked "ET66" in the side, and "3652" in the back.
Condition: 7.5

Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-6
The stamped, sheet steel construction helmet retains 80% field green combat finish paint.
The left side of the helmet has a Kriegsmarine decal about 50% intact.
Inside, there is a dark brown leather liner with all eight of the original fingers and the original tie string still intact.
Liner has previous owner name "H.B??choff" (chard to read because of patch) with small hand apply path with name "Ruthe" on the top of other name.
The liner has no visible size markings.
The reverse interior neck guard is stamped with serial number “379" and the white hand painted owner’s name "Ruthe".
The side of the interior is stamped "ET 64", indicating manufacturer’s by Eisenhuttenwerke of Thale/Harz in the size of 64.
The helmet comes complete with a brown leather chinstrap with aluminum fittings.
Nice example of Kriegsmarine helmet.
Condition: 7

Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-7
Nice quality 1936 pattern, Shutzpolizei (Protection Police) NCO’s and EM’s Shako consisting of a molded, black vulcanfibre body with a police green wool covering to the exterior.
Each side of the Shako body has two, small, screened ventilation holes situated just below the crown seam, with internal, sliding, vent closure panels permitting the forward vent to be closed.
The front center of the Shako has a large, high relief, stamped, natural aluminum, second pattern wreathed Police eagle emblem. The eagle shows nice detailing and is nicely convexed to fit the contours of the Shako.
The eagle and wreath are still quite clean and bright. The eagle is secured to the Shako by two, small, screw threaded, retaining post being inserted through two small holes in the body with retaining nuts that are visible in the interior.
The front center of the Shako also has a small, stitch reinforced, horizontal slash to accommodate the national tri-color cockade retaining wires.
The Shako has a stamped alloy, vertically oval, national tri-color cockade, with five, silver washed, simulated twisted rope outer edge encompassing a single, black painted, simulated twisted rope inner edge, a single silver washed, ribbed, inner trim and a red painted recessed centerpiece.
The bottom edge of the cockade has an extended wire loop to secure it to the Shako. The Shako has a blackened leather chinstrap with dual, natural aluminum, sliding length adjustment buckles and natural aluminum retaining rings.
The retaining rings are secured onto extended, M1891 pattern, natural aluminum, chinstrap side posts which are positioned on each side of the Shako’s body.
The interior of the Shako has a nine finger, natural tan leather construction liner with ventilation perforations to the front forehead section. The leather to the liner is still quite supple and the original leather tie string is still intact.
The interior crown of the Shako has a printed manufacturers label with red and yellow script that includes the manufactures name and location, "Erel Berlin", and, "Fiber-Tschako", (Fibre-Shako) and an additional distributors yellow scripted decal with the retailers name and location, "Robert Lubstein Berlin".
Roughly a size 55. Nice worn and used example showing the expected age and wear.
Condition: 8

Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-8
Very nice M-35 "Normandy Camo" helmet.
Camouflage is in the typical green, tan, brown scheme, but is further enhanced by a clear chicken wire pattern.
helmet retains about 95% of its camouflage over-paint.
All three liner retaining rivets are intact.
The interior of the helmet has a tan leather M31 liner with blue ink marked size 55.
All the liner fingers and the original tie string are complete.
The reverse interior neck guard is serial number stamped 3650.
Interior left side has stamped manufacturers code and size "SE62" indicating manufacture by Sächsische Emaillier-und Stanzwerke, AG Lauter and size 62.
Complete original 1941 dated and well marked chinstrap.
Beautiful helmet in extraordinary condition Great helmet!
Condition: 8

Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-9
RELIC M35 HELMET SHELL. (Stahlhelm M35)
Relic M-35 helmet shell which has been restored with a rough finish burlap sacking and wire to produce a really neat looking helmet suitable for re-enacting or display.
Its finished off with a post-war liner.
Approximately size 58
Perfect for camo helmets display.
Condition: 4-5

Ref #: C-HAD-HEL-10
Rare winter fur trimmed hat that was re-purposed from the crash helmet portion of a panzer beret.
Due to its unpopularity, the beret was discontinued for front line troops, and existing stocks were converted in this manner.
It consists of the standard padded black wool crash helmet, lined in black oil cloth, finished with a brown leather sweatband.
It is unmarked, and is a small size (c. 53) which may account for its unworn appearance.
The crash helmet is pierced by six hard rubber air vents retaining their original wooden dowel plugs.
It has been permanently fitted with a light olive rayon cover, trimmed in a very appealing shaggy sheep wool in the form of ear flaps and a separate front flap.
Condition: 8

Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-11
The steel construction helmet retains Luftwaffe blue/grey paint about 95%.
The left side of the helmet has a Luftwaffe eagle decal which is 98% complete.
All three liner retaining rivets are all intact.
The interior of the helmet has a M31 tan leather liner.
All the liner fingers and the original tie string are complete.
Interion of helmet well marked with stamped serial number "1907" and manufacturers code and size "Q6?"(hard to read size) indicating manufacture by F.W. Quist, G.m.b.H. Esslingen, size 6?.
Complete original 1941 dated and marked chinstrap.
Great helmet with excellent decal.
Condition: 8-8.5
Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-12
M42 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet
70% original blue/gray paint
85% Eagle Decal
The size is marked inside on the liner with black inkstamped 58
Stamped serial number : 559
above the number there are three letters but it is hard to read them
Chinstrap absent
Condition: 8
Ref #: R-HAD-HEL-13
ARMY M42 HELMET (Stahlhelm M42)
Heer M42 helmet.
Remains of original paint which has had a DAK palm/swastika motif scratched into the surface on the left side.
Original chin strap; liner is a post-war replacement.
Condition: 8