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Ref #: D-EW-D-1
DLV Glider Pilot Dagger - F.& A. Helbig
This Glider Pilot Dagger example looks pretty good.
The hilt fittings are the aluminum type.
The pommel is the 3-stage type.
Original 95% blue paint on crossguard and scabbard.
The crossguard below has a black enamel swastika on both sides.
The enamel is still in perfect condition.
The scabbard and mounts are in very good condition.
The throat is marked with the DLV propeller with swastika.
Hanger It is a brown leather but in average condition.
The blade of this example is good condition, has some small darker spots, spots will be easy to clean.
The markermark is double ellipse containing the firm’s name and location, "F. & A. Helbig, Steinbach".
Condition: 7

Ref #: D-EW-D-2
Rare and hard to find late war SA dagger with dedication.
Blade etched with SA motto "ULLES FUR DEUTSCHLAND" with 95% factory background darkening.
The reverse blade has a factory done dedication etch.
The top line dedication is etched "IN DANKBARER ANERKENNUNG" (In Thankful Recognition).
Below the dedication are the facsimile signatures of three SA officers.
Since the signatures are difficult to read precisely Thomas Wittmann interpret them as "Gottman", "Tirpitz" and "D.Feinberg"
Research would be required to check the correctness of these signatures as well as to the position of these officers in the SA organization.
The blade with open double RZM circle and M 7/42 indicating WKC maker.
Cross guards are the nickel-plated variety having a zinc base metal.
Scabbard has 98% original brown paint.
Dagger came with 4 pages (2 pages pictures) Certificate Of Originality from Thomas Wittmann.
Very hard to find a nice SA dagger with dedication.
Condition: 7-8

Ref #: D-EW-D-3
ARMY OFFICER'S DAGGER - Eickhorn Solingen. (Heer Offizierdolch)
Army dagger with nickel/silver plated blade in overall good condition.
The dagger has a cast alloy, nickel/silver plated, crossguard, ferrule and pommel all intact.
The dagger has a dark orange celluloid grip.
The dagger comes with nickel/silver plated scabbard with som pits on it.
The hangers and knot in good condition.
The reverse is deeply etched with the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original leather blade buffer is in place.
Condition: 7
Ref #: D-EW-D-4
Very Rare N.S.K.K High Ranking Officers Dagger
Brown wood handle, black scabbard with 3 metal fittings
Hanger chain attached blade etching Ulles Fur Deutschland
RZM M 7/116 makers mark
Condition: 9
Ref #: D-EW-D-5
This Army Officer Dagger is a classic WKC piece.
Eagle is a beauty having full details throughout the head, breast feathering, wings, talons, wreath and mobile swastika.
The dark orange grip has very small cheap on the side if the grip, not disturb much.
This blade is in very good and clean condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the knighthead symbol having the firm’s initials and location beneath, "WKC Solingen".
Hangers are still in nice condition, having deluxe fittings. The closed clip at the top is decorated with raised acorns and oak leaves, and on the upper bar is stamped “D.R.G.M.”. The reverse of each snap is marked “D.R.G.M.”. The brocade is still in good condition. The reverse of the straps has the usual high pile field-green velvet.
A nice conditioned basic dagger here.
Condition: 8

Ref #: D-EW-D-6
This early made SS Dagger is a very nice example.
The cross guards and tang nut are the nickel plated type.
The reverse of the cross guard is well marked with stamped Roman numeral, "III". NOTICE: Rare unusual horizontal stamp.
The grip is good condition shows some small dents but not cracks or repairs, shows some usage.
The SS runes button is the style that has a darkening in the backgrounds. The runes are raised out of the surfaces. This is a rarely seen runes button but is absolutely genuine.
The grip eagle has very good overall details.
The scabbard it has outstanding original black paint. This paint still retains its factory brightness and other than a few extremely minor chips, is in near mint condition. It is rare to see nice paint like this.
The matching scabbard mounts are nickel plated steel and they, too, have 98% of their finish. The lower ball has some small dents.
The blade of this example is a real excellent condition. The SS motto is etch and has 100% of the background darkening.
The reverse ricasso is etched with manufacture logo of Gottlieb Hammesffahr and city Solingen Foche.
A very fine early made SS piece.
Condition: 9
Ref #: D-EW-D-7
Second Model Luftwaffe Dagger (Robbert Class Solingen)
The orange handle with the original grip wrapping is intact, with no liabilities.
Highly detailed aluminum fittings on the hilt.
Excellent blade condition completes with maker’s logo Robert Class Solingen.
The plated scabbard has a 60% original silver finish, NO dents.
Overall condition is very good with excellent blade NO water or rusty spots No big scratches.
Condition: 8
Ref #: D-EW-D-8
SA DAGGER. (SA Dolch mit Gehänge)
SA dagger with a nickel-silver plated blade, in its original scabbard.
The blade center "Alles für Deutschland" (Everything for Germany) is etched in Gothic script.
Blade is maker marked RZM M7/66 1941 indicating manufacture by Carl Eickorn, Solingen.
Scabbard has one small dent and original brown enamel painted sheet finish is retained 98%.
Very nice clean dagger.
Condition: 8
Ref #: D-EW-D-9
DRK Hewer (Deutsche Red Cross)
Fantastic design example, great serrated blade edge
ges geschutz makers stamp
Condition: 9
Ref #: D-EW-D-10
SA dagger with a nickel-silver plated blade, in its original scabbard.
The blade center "Alles für Deutschland" (Everything for Germany) is etched in Gothic script.
Blade is maker marked RZM M7/37 indicating manufacture by Robert Klaas, Solingen-Ohligs.
No dent on scabbard.
This is a PERIOD 1930's brown repaint of a black scabbard.
Original brown paint finish is retained 90%.
Very nice clean dagger.
Condition: 8.5

Ref #: D-EW-D-11
The DRK, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross), dagger with Social Welfare original hangers and portepee in excellent condition. The orange grips are in mint condition having no chips or cracks.
The lower crossguard features the stylized eagle with the swastika positioned over its breast grasping the Geneva cross.
The crossguard plate displays excellent detail.
The blade is unmarked which is standard for Red Cross and Social Welfare daggers.
The original Social Welfare hangers and portepee include to the price.
The blade displays excellent finish.
The dagger comes with its original matte nickel/silver plated, magnetic sheet metal scabbard with a pebbled finished also in excellent condition.
Condition: 9