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Ref #: R-BB-14
Heer tropical web belt and buckle.
The olive green web belt has a leather adjustment strap marked "Noelle & Hueck, Ludenscheid, 1942".
The dark olive green buckle retains 99% of its dark olive green paint, and is marked "N&H 1941".
Belt size is 98cm
Condition: 8
$ 530

Ref #: R-BB-15
LUFTWAFFE OFFICER'S BROCADE BELT & BELT BUCKLE (Feldbinde und Feldbindenschloss für Offizier)
Luftwaffe officer dress brocade belt and buckle.
This brocade dress belt features aluminum buckle with a gilt 2nd style Luftwaffe eagle in excellent condition.
The brocade is woven with bright silver/aluminum construction, brocade in very good.
The belt has two sliding vertical loops in the same brocade as the belt.
The belt's leather tongue is unmarked.
The reverse of belt is lined in blue/grey wool.
The buckle is unmarked example.
The belt would fit sizes ranging from a roughly, 34" to a 39"
Condition: 8,5-9

Ref #: D-BB-16
LUFTWAFFE EM/NCO’S BELT BUCLKE. (Koppelschloß für Mannschaften und Unteroffizier)
Luftwaffe 1940 pattern, stamped steel, box buckle, with a dark Luftwaffe blue/grey combat finish.
Dark blue/grey finish is retained about 30% on the front 80% on the back.
Reverse with catch, prong bar and prongs all intact.
Unmarked example.
Nice clean example.
Condition: 7
$ 100
Red Cross Belt Buckle
Very nice example excellent smooth detail
Condition: 8
$ 120
Ref #: D-BB-17
WWI Austrian Enlisted Belt Buckle
Featuring the double headed eagle
very nice example from this period
Condition: 7
$ 100
Ref #: D-BB-18
Political Leaders Belt and Open Claw Belt Buckle
Koppel mit Zweidornschnalle
Great example of a Political Leaders belt and buckle,
brown leather in exellent condition
Buckle unmarked
Brown leather belt marked: "XELA" AUGSBURG RZM L2/682
Condition: 9
$ 250
Ref #: D-BB-19

Ref #: R-BB-20
Kriegsmarine EM's tropical web belt and buckle.
Tan web belt with natural leather adjustment tab; both buckle and catch are painted a dark blue-grey.
Belt is a small size marked 58
Condition: 8
$ 480
Kriegsmarine Brocade Belt & Buckle
Great example from the Germany Navy
nice clean robust features
Condition: 8
$ 400
Ref #: D-BB-21

Ref #: D-BB-22
SA EM/NCO'S BELT BUCKLE (Koppelschloß)
Stamped brass, one-piece construction SA buckle with sunhweel swastika on a slightly domed Buckle catch and metal prong bar with dual prongs all intact.
Marked RZM 36.
Nice example.
Condition: 8
$ 100

Ref #: R-BB-23
"Hitler Jugend" (Hitler Youth) aluminum, one-piece construction buckle.
Gothic script, "Blut und Ehre" (Blood and Honor).
Buckle catch is fix and replace, metal prong bar with dual prongs all intact.
Unmarked example.
Condition: 8
$ 60
RARE Italian Officer's Brocade Belt & Buckle
Nicely detailed example in gilt markings and detail
very clear complete with belt super piece features S.A.F.S NAPOLI stamp
Condition: 8
$ 450
Ref #: D-BB-24

Ref #: R-BB-25
LUFTWAFFE EM/NCO BELT AND BUCKLE (Tropen Koppel und Koppelschloß)
Luftwaffe EM's Belt and Buckle.
The buckle is steel, unmarked, and retains 98% of its blue/black finish.
It is paired with a RB Numbered black leather belt of simplified late-war construction which omits the concealed leather adjustment tab.
Belt is marked/measured 102 cm.
Condition: 9

Ref #: R-BB-26
ARMY TROPICAL EM/NCO BELT AND BUCKLE (Tropen Koppel und Koppelschloß)
Heer tropical web belt and buckle.
The olive web belt measures 95cm long and retains its brown leather adjustment strap.
It is RB nr'd on the reverse.
The buckle exhibits virtually all of its green paint and a brown leather tab; markings on the reverse of the buckle and on the tab identify the maker as Noelle & Hueck, of Ludenscheid, and the date of manufacture as 1941.
Condition: 8-9
$ 520